Before reaching out, read the FAQ below that answers the most common questions I get

How do I get my digital download?

After you purchase a digital download, you immediately will be presented the option to download the files in the checkout screen.

If you exit out of that screen, no worries, you will receive an email shortly afterwards with the subject "Your Downloads Are Ready". You can download the files from that email as many times as you need.

If you need to get to those files at some point in the future, search your email for "Your Downloads Are Ready" to pull up the message again.

If you still are unable to access your digital files, please send me your name and order number and I will get the situation handled for you. I want to make sure you can get the project built! 😀

I ordered merch, when will I get it?

All merchandise is custom printed at the time you order it. From the time your order it, I expect it will take approximately 1-2 weeks for it to arrive. It's typically faster, but I'd rather surprise you with it showing up early 😀

And seriously, that you for placing an order! Every bit helps me out keeping this small business alive and I can't thank you enough for your support!

Can you build me something custom?

If there is a project that you want me to build, send me a message below! I love getting to bring others thoughts to life and I'd love to know what you would like me to build for you!

What should I charge people when selling my woodworking projects?

That is a fantastic question and one that I get multiple times a week! In order to answer that question in the full depth it deserves (not just a short email response) I have created a 14 minute long video explaining my entire pricing process. Included in that video is a automatic calculator that will do all of the math for you to make sure your prices are correct! To check out that video, head HERE

Can I send you something? what's your address?

Sure! Over the years I have received some really thoughtful and generous gifts from viewers. If you are inclined to send something, please send it to current mailing address listed at the bottom of the website and I can pick it up there.


I live in your city, can we hang out?

Meeting viewers and other woodworkers is one of my favorite things to do! Between working a full time job, running this business, maintaining a lasting marriage, and keeping quality relationships with my friends and family, I regret that I am unable to fulfill all of the requests that I get to hang out.

I regularly attend woodworking conferences, shows, and other public events that are a fantastic place to meet up with fellow woodworkers and would love to meet you there! The best place to find out when I will be at those events is by following me on Instagram


If you are inquiring about a custom project, please include your estimated budget so that I can better assess your needs