Pricing Guide


About This Item

  • If you are looking for the exact pricing structure that I use to ensure I am charging clients appropriately, this is it!
  • This pricing method ensures that all of your costs are covered and you are charging customer what you deserve!
  • If you are tired of guessing or “making up” prices in hopes that you are making profit for your business, this guide will end the guesswork and give you a solid pricing structure that is honest, reliable, and provides you with reliable and repeatable profit for every single project you work on.

What You Get

  • Full pricing spreadsheet
    • Does all of the math for you
    • Helpful tips explaining what to enter into each and every box
    • File is formatted as .xlsx which Is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Mac Numbers, Google Sheets, and other popular spreadsheet applications
  • 14 minute long video that walks through two different real world examples on how to properly use the pricing guide
    • Video includes
      • How to use the file on Mac, Windows, and Google Sheet
      • Explanation on what every cell does
      • Demonstrate functionality of pricing guide
      • Two real world product examples and how to price them


  • Please watch the full length YouTube video to make sure you understand you are purchasing